Why Use OSBN™?

OSBN™ was created for the small business. It is a marketing tool that helps small businesses in getting their business message out. The concept behind OSBN™ is one of a kind in Ontario, and here are the reasons that make a small business use OSBN™:

1. Build a profile page that promotes and sells the business – at no cost!
2. Join interest groups to give and gain insight on topics that may be of interest to your business
3. Benefit from coupons, special discounts and offers posted in Marketplace
4. Attend OSBN™ meetups and business events to network with like minded business owners and entrepreneurs, and to learn from experts of different business industry
5. Get the best out of your advertising investment
Contribute in Sponsorships that make a difference in the small business community

Best of all OSBN™ provides the small business with networking opportunities both virtually and face-to-face.

1. Build a network that will generate business leads
2. Meet other business owners during OSBN™ events and stay connected on the virtual network by just a click of a button!

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