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BizBites By OSBN are short podcast segments broadcasting business news, trends and tips and tricks that may be of interest and value to the small business. BizBites is an innovative way for OSBN members to increase visibility for their business.

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In business, you have to craft your vision and live it day-in and day-out carefully. Your vision is your why … why your business exists?

Apple’s vision is to create innovative products and think different. Apple was a start-up in the 70s … remember this!

Have you crafted your vision? You might think, “but, I am a small business … I am not Apple!!!” Even small businesses need a compass. To keep on track and focus, your vision is your compass.

by Hanan Awaad, president of Corporita Consulting Inc. | | email: | Phone: +1-226-978-2726 |

Motivational Speaker and trainer Zig Ziglar told us: "You will get what you want in life if you help other people to get what they want."

Dorothy Brown, marketing strategist from AKB Small Business Marketing, walks us through 7 Ways to Nurture Great Relationships.

Dorothy Brown | AKB2 Small Business Marketing |647.449.6760 | | | 

Partnerships may at times be harmful to a small business, but if approached wisely it can turn into a key contributor to the success of a business.

Which type of partnerships will benefit a small business:

- Choose partners that complement your offerings
- Choose partners that are skilled in turning a situation into a win/win
- Choose partners that are go getters and that can make things happen
- Choose partners that seek their interests, but that care for your own interests as well
- Choose partners that are transparent and that can easily communicate how they feel

By Grace Nasralla, owner of e-presence Consultants Inc and founder of OSBN | | 6472267313 | twitter: @gracenasralla

Having a new baby and the care that comes with it can sometimes feel overwhelming and stressful. It’s your new bundle of joy, your heartbeat; your everything. But then life and baby care begins to happen; you feel like you are on a constant treadmill.

I want to reassure all moms – new or not so new listening to this podcast, hear this loud and clear. It’s imperative that you take care of yourself. It’s not selfish, you shouldn’t feel guilty.

When you travel on an aircraft, you are always reminded in case of emergency you should mask yourself first and then mask your young child.

Here are some easy and simple ways for self-care.

This podcast is brought to you By Forde Home Care, providing 24 hrs care to mothers, elderly and children along with other home care services. Contact info: @fordehomecare | 416.947.0368 | | www.fordehomecare

Is An Advisory Board A Good Idea For Small Businesses?

An advisory board is an informal version of a board of directors chosen by the owners. It has no authority, it just offers assistance as requested. There is some debate on the value of advisory boards, but not on the value of advisors. So founders could just seek individual advisors. That’s a good first step, to test which advisors you respect and work with best, and who are available to you.

Reasons for creating an advisory board are listed in this podcast.

By Daryl Landau of Common Ground, helping businesses to manage conflict. Contact info: @DarylLandau | 416.763.6205 |

Globalization - Gain For The Small Business

Globalization is the act of connecting and integrating people, companies, and governments of different nations, through international trade and investments; powered by the use of technologies. However, is the small business making use of that trend?

by Grace Nasralla, owner of e-presence Consultants Inc and Founder of OSBN

Principled Negotiating - Part I

People are often averse to negotiating, seeing it as an ‘unprincipled’ game of winning or compromise. But like it or not, most of our interactions involve the exchange of value. And the model of Principled Negotiation can really help us succeed with client and other relationships.

The book Getting to Yes by Fisher, Ury and Patton created a little revolution when it was published in 1981. At the time, the dominant model was what the book refers to as the Hard bargaining approach, or positional negotiation...

By Daryl Landau of Common Ground, helping businesses to manage conflict. Contact info: @DarylLandau | 416.763.6205 |

Negotiating Part II

Negotiating - Part 1, gives an overview of the interest-based negotiation model by Fisher, Ury & Patton. It starts with preparation, including knowing alternatives so that one is not too soft or too hard, knowing how to separate people from the problem, staying firm on interests but flexible on positions, and engaging in brainstorming options for mutual gain.

Negotiating - Part 2 explains the one other principle: Use objective criteria. That is when negotiators differ on their idea of fairness, or truth, rather than have a subjective argument they rely on more objective sources. Daryl welcomes your thoughts and feedback.

By Daryl Landau of Common Ground, helping businesses to manage conflict. Contact info: @DarylLandau | 416.763.6205 |

Partnership Agreements and Disagreements

Working with a partner is much better for your business’s growth and for your personal health…unless you ignore this advice.

1. Choose carefully
2. Get a partnership agreement
3. Get the help of a mediator

It’s worth it to ensure that misunderstandings and hot tempers don’t derail all that you’ve achieved together.

By Daryl Landau of Common Ground, helping families and businesses to manage conflict. Contact info: @DarylLandau | 416.763.6205 |

3 Ways To Stay Motivated As A Solopreneur

Solopreneurs have to face the reality of having to attend to all aspects of the business on a daily basis.  At times they may outsource some services or delegate some admin responsibilities to a virtual assistant, but even with that they still have to stay on top of the daily transactions of the work.  Solopreneurs are prone to lack motivation at times as they are in the frontline alone.

Here are 3 ways to stay motivated as a Solopreneur

  1. Positive Start
  2. Learning Attitude
  3. Innovative Thinking

Having to multi task can be overwhelming at times and discouraging at others.  Keep a positive attitude and come up with inventive ideas to perform daily business tasks.

By Grace Nasralla, owner of e-presence Consultants Inc & Founder of OSBN™

3 Success Factors For The Small Business

As a business community builder I have seen businesses collapse and I have seen others succeed. There are many factors that determine the success or failure of a small business, and here are three major success factors for the small business owner to consider.

  1. Timing determines likes
  2. Stay focused
  3. Embrace Change

Are you determined to see your business succeed? Watch out for the right timing to implement business ideas, stay focused on the business vision and be mindful that transformation is expedient for the small business.

By Grace Nasralla, owner of e-presence Consultants Inc and founder of OSBN™

3 Reasons For Developing A Passion For Your Business

There are lots to learn from Apple’s core value that says “People with passion can change the world”.  Apple’s Steve Jobs believed that to do great work one should LOVE what they do. Could that be the secret for entrepreneurial success?

Here are 3 Reasons For Developing A Passion For Your Business

  1. Be A Driving Force
  2. Be Contagious
  3. Succeed

To achieve success in your business you need to revive that passion for the initial vision you had started with and make it obvious to others around you.

By Grace Nasralla, owner of e-presence Consultants Inc. and founder of OSBN

3 Reasons For A Small Business To Seek Learning

  1. The need to stay ahead of their competitors
  2. The satisfaction of watching their business grow
  3. Recognition that knowledge is power
By Grace Nasralla, Microsoft Certified Trainer, owner of e-presence Consultants Inc and founder of OSBN

3 Important Small Business Trends For 2016

  1. Ensure that your website is SEO ready
  2. Mobile marketing will be the move to reach mobile users
  3. Social media presence will become a must have marketing tool
by Grace Nasralla, owner of e-presence Consultants Inc and Founder of OSBN

3 Prerequisites For Starting A Business

Before following a checklist or guidelines to start a business there are some prerequisites that will determine your readiness to start it.

Here are three prerequisites for starting a business.

  1. The Idea
  2. Identifying Target Market
  3. Identifying Target Audience

Finding these 3 prerequisites is an indicator that you are ready to start your business and grow it into a successful enterprise.

By Grace Nasralla, owner of e-presence Consultants Inc and Founder of OSBN

3 Ways To Reach Mobile Users

A 2015 study by “Smart Insight” indicated that 80% of internet users use smartphones. One important 2016 business trend is the increase in use for mobile apps in business. Is your business ready to reach out to mobile users? Do you, as a business owner, realize the importance of reaching out to mobile app audience?

Here are 3 ways to reach mobile users

1. Get a customized mobile app
2. Business directory apps
3. Content

The later two ways are more cost effective and doable for small businesses to reach mobile users. There are plenty of apps that provide local directory listings. Find the app that is wide spread in your area and subscribe to get your business listed there.

(For a Greater Toronto business listing I would recommend to download and subscribe to OSBN mobile app “Business Directory”: iphone: Android:

By Grace Nasralla, owner of e-presence Consultants Inc. and founder of OSBN

It is very difficult to stand alone and watch a growth curve rise in a small business. Small businesses thrive and flourish when they reach out to others. Whether it be through building a network of connections or a circle of strategic partners; there has to be collaboration of some kind to watch a business grow and observe the growth curve move to the top.

3 paybacks for choosing the right strategic partners

1. Learning
2. Sharing
3. Growth

Worthwhile strategic partners are rare to find. They may occasionally cross the path of a small business, but its up to the business owner to grab the opportunity or waste the chance to walk along side a partnership that will bring business growth.

By Grace Nasralla, Microsoft Certified Trainer, owner of e-presence Consultants Inc and founder of OSBN

3 Effective Methods For Using Social Media

Have you ever thought carefully about what to tweet? Does your facebook account meet its monthly goals? Do you just accept anybody that sends you an invite on LinkedIn? Questions that may not have crossed your mind, but… Yes, before we go on social media we need to strategize.

Here are 3 effective methods for using social media:

  1. Audience
  2. Message
  3. Results

Do you have a marketing strategy that resonate your business identity? If not, then maybe its time for you to create one.

By Grace Nasralla, owner of e-presence Consultants Inc. and founder of OSBN 

3 Reasons For Joining A Professional Business Network

Small business owners testify to the fact that most of their sales is usually done by people telling people either about the product or service they have bought or about the sales experience they have had.  It is these connections that refer people to a small business. But what if a business does not have a wide network of connections?  

Here are three reasons for joining a professional business network:

  1. To Learn best practices
  2. To Build a Network Of Connections
  3. To Stay Motivated
By Grace Nasralla, Owner of e-presence Consultants Inc and Founder of OSBN

3 Advantages For Using Videos As An Advertising Tool

As a result of years of technological advancements came social media networks. And with social media came extensive opportunities for small businesses to promote their products and services.  Content is key when sharing on social media and videos are an effective business tool that is in great demand in 2016. 

3 advantages for using videos as an advertising tool

  1. To stand out
  2. Clarity
  3. Innovative Marketing

experts predict that in 2017 videos will take up to 69% of consumer online traffic. Is your business ready for that?

By Grace Nasralla, owner of e-presence Consultants Inc and founder of OSBN